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  • The Three Pillars Of Data Protection

    Transcript: In order for data to be considered “securely protected”, it must meet 3 key requirements. These requirements are a bit like the legs on a tripod. When you’ve met all of them, you have a data protection plan that’s truly stable. But if just one of them breaks or becomes unstable, the entire data […]

  • Where to find local online backup services in Canada:

    Storagepipe Solutions has been providing Canadians with high-end data protection services for well over a decade. If you’re a Canadian, looking for backup services, I’d encourage you to get in touch with Storagepipe through the following contact methods: Toronto, Ontario Online Backup Ottawa, Ontario Online Backup Montreal, Quebec Online Backup Vancouver, British Columbia Online Backup […]

  • Different Types Of Incremental Backup

    Transcript: With data that changes frequently, you’ll want to make daily copies of your backups and keep historical versions on file.  Although “backup everything” might seem like a good policy, keeping too much data can cause just as many problems as keeping too little data.  You could end up violating information compliance regulations, opening opportunities […]

  • Disk or Tape Backup. Which is best?

    Transcript: The debate between disk and tape is one of the oldest battles in IT.  It’s hard to believe that these two storage methodologies first appeared on the market in the 1950s.  And despite all of the advances in information technology since then, these two media types have managed to evolve and adapt to the […]

  • How Quantum Physics Makes Your Backups More Efficient

    Transcript: For this video, I’d like to take a moment and examine some of the amazing scientific discoveries which have made technologies like online backup and cloud computing possible. But first, let’s talk about something completely unrelated. Let’s suppose that there is a lifeguard who spots a struggling swimmer. For this example, we’ll assume that […]

  • Driving Forces Behind SaaS Adoption In The Enterprise

    Transcript: Way back in 2001, the founders of Storagepipe Solutions saw the potential of Software as a Service, or what we now know as SaaS. Although the terms “SaaS” and “Cloud Computing” were still several years from being invented, Storagepipe saw that this delivery model offered overwhelming benefits for both IT executives and service providers. […]

  • 8 Less-Than-Obvious Reasons To Test Your Backups

    Transcript: At Storagepipe, we’ve witnessed every kind of data disaster you could possibly imagine. And every day, we see first-hand evidence of what can happen if you don’t consistently maintain the right backup habits. Of course, everyone knows they should test their data backups on a regular basis. But despite this, few companies actually do […]

  • Why Backup is No Substitute for Archiving

    Transcript: Thanks to cheap hardware and abundant bandwidth, users are now creating, copying and distributing more data than ever before. And although storage costs are also dropping steadily, the rate at which we’re producing data is growing much faster. It’s now common for companies to see storage growth doubling every year. This is further compounded […]

  • What Is Cloud Computing

    Transcript: In an early interview, Steve Jobs once said that a computer is like a bicycle for our minds. What he meant by this was that human body is poorly designed for locomotion. If you measure the energy that it takes a human to travel one mile by foot, we are – pound-for-pound – amongst […]

  • How Much Should You Budget For Backup

    Transcript: Cost Considerations When putting together a backup plan, budgeting will also play a major role. As you decide what data to protect and which storage media is best, you must take all of the costs into consideration. If you need to buy a tape library or backup server, this will represent a substantial initial […]

  • Laptop Backup Security Threats At Public WiFi Hotspots

    Transcript: Storagepipe CDP is one of the most robust and secure laptop backup solutions on the market. When designing CDP, we made a very big deal about security. First, all of the data packets are encrypted using very strong 256 Bit AES encryption using a key that’s only know to the end-user. This way, we […]

  • How To Test Your Server Backups And Data Protection Plans

    Transcript: If you aren’t testing your backups, your data isn’t protected. It’s as simple as that. When it comes to backup and recovery, recovery is the only part that matters. At Storagepipe, we’re frequently approached by companies after a major critical data loss incident. And the most common pattern we see is that – although […]

  • Different Ways of Backing Up Your Database Servers

    Transcript: This is the third video in our series about database server backups. In previous videos, we’ve gone over the difference between hot and cold database backups, and we also discussed the difference between logical and physical database data. As we’ve already seen, physical backups are the most ideal for data protection. And when it […]

  • Canadian Data Safeguarding Obligations For PIPEDA Compliance

    Transcript: When it comes to privacy protection, Canadian organizations are bound by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act… better known by its acronym called PIPEDA. As part of this act, Canadian companies have certain obligations when it comes to protecting personally identifiable information against theft or destruction. In addition to preserving the integrity […]

  • Database Backups Part 2

    Transcript: As we’ve seen in a previous video, database backups can be somewhat complex. Deciding on the most appropriate backup solution for your internal databases, you’re bound to come across certain concepts and terminology which might seem difficult to understand. But a good grasp of these concepts is essential to making the most appropriate choice […]

  • 3 Questions You Must Answer Before Backing Up

    Transcript: For every 20 companies that suffer a serious data loss incident, only 19 will still remain in business within a year. The corporate data stored on your servers is the life blood of your company. And having an air-tight disaster plan is absolutely essential for today’s digital business environment. The job of the backup […]

  • Challenges When Backing Up Databases

    Transcript: Data protection for databases is one of the fastest-growing areas in the backup industry. Given the drop in hardware costs, and the release of software packages like Microsoft’s SBS server suite, it’s now easier and less expensive than ever for any small company to set up their own in-house SharePoint, Exchange and SQL servers. […]

  • The Most Dangerous Common Backup Mistake (Outlook PST Backup)

    Transcript: In the more than 10 years that Storagepipe has been in business, we’ve heard more than our fair share of data loss horror-stories. It should come as no surprise that many people call us after it’s too late, wanting to put a proper data protection plan in place after the recent loss of some […]

  • Lessons From Japan: How Important Are The First 72 Hours?

    Transcript: It’s been about 2 months since the tragic natural disaster that struck Japan on March 11 2011. And – although the country is a long way from recovery – we can all learn a lot from Japan’s reaction to the event, which saved thousands of lives and prevented this disaster from becoming much worse. […]

  • Grandfather Father Son (GFS) Backup VS. Progressive Backup Paradigm (Incremental Forever)

    Transcript: A report conducted by the IT Policy Compliance Group showed that human error was the leading cause of critical data loss, accounting for over 25 percent of incidents. Part of the problem with backup is that – at first glance – it seems much simpler than it really is. And without proper experience and […]